The Spirit of Christmas

The Ballad of Santa Claus book cover

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls I must offer my sincerest apologizes. The Ballad of Santa Claus Musical Production Extraviganza has not reached it’s well-tempered state of consummate perfection. And for this reason it is not yet fit for your exquisite taste in musical artistry. With such refined musical sensibilities as yours, this ballad is being carefully prepared to meet your every expectation. And so out of respect for you, the avid fan, nothing compromising nor falling short of this benchmark shall be permitted.

Mourn not the wait for this so tantalizing date, for you are invited all the while, to treat yourselves to the adventurous epic as prepared in it’s e-book form. It lies ready for your delight, complete with dazzling illustrations by the master hand of none other than Aaron Miller himself, Fantasy Artist King.

Good Tidings Friends and Happy Holidays.

From yours truly,